Casino Bonus Calculator

Casino Bonus Calculator

Find out what your casino bonus is really worth!

In the world of online casinos there is much confusion over what bonuses are really worth. With so many different claims of the best online casino bonuses, free spins, no deposit, welcome bonuses reload bonuses and the list goes on!

Thank fully the guys over at have developed a handy little calculator that helps you calculate exactly what your online casino bonus is worth. All you need to do is enter your bonus details along with the amount you were planning on depositing with the casino and the calculator will do the rest:

Using the Casino Bonus Calculator

Using the online casino bonus calculator is easy, simply follow these simple steps to calculator your online casino bonus today:

  1. Enter your Deposit Amount – this the amount you are planning on depositing at the casino.
  2. Enter the Bonus Percentage – this is the % that the online casino is offering on your deposit bonus.
  3. Enter your Wagering Requirement and select if this for the Bonus or Deposit + Bonus Amount – the wagering requirement is the amount that the bonus or┬ádeposit must be wagered before allowing you to withdraw winnings.
  4. Enter the Game Contribution amount – Depending on your bonus and the games you choose to play this amount can vary check the terms of your casino bonus and enter the contribution amount stated here.
  5. Check your casino bonus calculator results.

What does the Casino Bonus Calculator show me?

Three fields will be calculated for you to review your casino bonus when using the casino bonus calculator:

Bonus Calculator Field Description
Bonus Amount This is the amount of bonus that will be credited to your account after you have completed your deposit.
Total Wallet This shows you what your total balance will be with your deposit and bonus taken into account.
Wager Amount This shows you the total amount in cash that you will need to wager on your chosen game before your winnings become eligible for withdrawal.

What other factors should I worry about with Casino Bonuses?Bonus Calculator

As you are probably discovering, not all casino bonuses are made equal. Other factors you should look out for when considering a new casino bonus are often tucked away within your terms and conditions, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Watch out for Maximum Payout terms. These are often present with No Deposit Bonuses and can limit the total amount you are allowed to withdraw in winnings from a no deposit bonus. The upshot to this is that No Deposit Bonuses are generally risk free so your on to a winner anyway!
  2. Check to see if your bonus ties in your deposit. This is often missed by new casino players, some bonuses tie in your deposit to wagering requirements and others do not.
  3. Always check if the wagering requirement stated is on your Bonus amount or on your Deposit AND Bonus amount.
  4. If taking Free Spins these are often tied to one or two games. Always check to make sure you are getting the free spins on the game you want to play.

Thats it! If you’re looking for a list of new casino bonuses check out the to compare casino bonuses today.